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How to prepare your online business for the new year

The end of the year is right around the corner and I know many online entrepreneurs are trying to prepare their online business for the new year and hustling to make it to the finish line. You’re probably cranking out client work, rushing to get projects done on time, or cramming in all of your coaching calls so you can take some time off for the holidays.
Make sure you’re taking some time to wrap things up and getting your business ready for the new year. Towards the end of every year, usually around October, I start to go through what I call a nesting period in my business. Similar to when you’re about to have a baby and you start cleaning and organizing the shit out of your house, I kind of start to do that but for my business.

How to Prepare Your Online Business for the New Year

Here is a list of some of the things I start to “clean out” and organize in my business that you can do to prepare your online business for the new year.

Audit Your Online Tools

It’s easy to subscribe to and pay for things for our businesses throughout the year, but how often do you actually audit the tools you’re using? What I like to do is make a list of all of the things I pay for in my business and how much I pay per month for that tool.  Then, I like to ask myself questions like:

  • Do I use it enough to pay for the paid version, or can I get away with the free version?
  • Does this still meet my needs or is there something better I could be using?
  • Do I use this enough to justify the cost? Is there something cheaper I could use?

So, take some time out before the end of the year to make a list of all of your online tools and audit what you’re using.

Clean Out Your Google Drive

I know it’s easier just to save your documents wherever in your Google Drive as you’re going through the hustle and bustle of your work day, but when is the last time you went back through your drive to put all of those files into folders? Not only will it help you clean out your GDrive, but it will also help you find what you’re looking for faster. I’m all about creating little hacks and efficiencies throughout my day to save time. If you feel like you’re going to go down a rabbit hole trying to clean out your Google Drive, set a timer using the Pomofocus online tool here to stay on task.

Clean out Your Computer Files

I can sometimes be a hoarder when it comes to saving computer files.  There’s a little voice in the back of my head that tries to convince me that Jessica from 2019 is going to need something from her file that I have saved on my desktop.  Not true! Treat computer files like you do when you’re cleaning out your wardrobe.  If you have not used it in the last 6 months to 1 year, it’s got to go! Take the time to clean out your computer files and archive any past client folders/ work so you can start the year with a clean slate.

Clean out Your CRM

I have used Dubsado to onboard my clients since I first started my business. There are a lot of canned emails, proposals, forms, etc. in there for services I no longer offer.  Every time I go into Dubsado I take a few minutes to go through all of my forms and canned emails so that my forms section only reflects the services that I’m currently offering. Plus, this makes it a hell of a lot easier to find the forms or emails I’m looking for when I don’t have to go through pages to find them.

Clear Your Desktop

If I were to come over to your house right now and look at your computer, would I find a million files on your desktop? If so, I would totally sit at your desk and spend an hour organizing and deleting files and folders. Don’t threaten me with a good time! But seriously, take the time before the new year to consolidate your folders and organize your folders. There is nothing that sends my brain into an immediate chaotic spiral than opening my computer to a messy, cluttered desktop and I’ll bet it does for you, too.

Set Your Goals and Intentions for the New Year

I think this bullet point speaks for itself, but there is one thing I want to share with you that I heard on a podcast the other day that I thought was pretty powerful.  The podcast host was sharing her idea of creating “23 for 2023.” She starts with the simple question, “If you could design your life for 2023; how it makes you feel, who you want to spend it with, and what experiences you want to have, how would you design it?” It’s actually a really powerful question and got my wheels turning as I start to think about my goals for 2023.

You can listen to the podcast episode and her beautiful accent here.

Reflect On & Review Your Year

This past year warrants a lot of reflection in my business. This year was definitely full of lessons and learning opportunities, and I want to make sure I don’t take those for granted. One day in the next few days I plan on heading to a cozy coffee shop, grabbing a yummy coffee, and reflecting on this past year.

What went well? What didn’t go well? What got in my way this year? *Spoiler alert* ME. What lessons did I learn? How can I apply this to next year?

If you’re working with a bookkeeper or an accountant you’re probably (hopefully) getting updates from them throughout the year rather than at the end of the year, but if you’re doing your books yourself now would be a good time to look at your numbers and plan for 2023.

I know some of these tips seems simple and silly, but I’ve found the more organized I am, even if that means having a clear desktop so I don’t open my computer to clutter, the more focused and productive I am in my work day.

Looking for more tips for your online business? Check out my post on How to Prevent Burnout in Your Online Business During the Holidays.

Do you have any end of the year rituals? Share them with me below!

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