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Taking online entrepreneurs from stressed out to streamlined by transforming their client onboarding process in Dubsado so they can sign clients & get paid without the hassle

I know how overwhelming it can get running a business and raising a family

You’re constantly juggling client work, kids, and everything else in between and feeling stretched too thin. Your business has gotten to a point where you just can’t keep piecemealing your processes together and spending your time doing things manually. You just don’t have the mental space to draft & tweak the same emails over and over again.

That’s where I come in. 

Felicity Buddig
Felicity BuddigOwner of She Is You Magazine
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I’ve worked with Kristi Bahgat for a short time, nonetheless, her work has transformed my business workflow. Kristi’s experience and vast knowledge of implementing policy and procedures to streamline everything has helped me as a business owner and team leader rise up to continue to be the creative director and leader for my staff. I honestly don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t hire Kristi and am beyond satisfied for all her contributions to the team.

Hey there!

I'm Kristi, an organizing & Bravo TV lovin' business consultant

As a working mom of two and former HR manager, I know how important it is to have systems, processes, and organization in place in both your life and business. That’s why I’ve made it my business (literally!) to help online coaches & other service providers systematize, streamline, and organize theirs using systems like Dubsado so that they can get their time, peace of mind, and CEO hat back. 


Ways I Can Help You Streamline & Automate Your Business To Save You Time (& Your Sanity)


1:1 60 Minute Business Consultation

In this 60 minute 1:1 consultation we'll discuss issues you're facing in your business as it relates to systems, processes, & business organization so that you can walk away with a quick win. Want to know how Dubsado could work for your business, or how to streamline your overwhelming client onboarding process?


Dubsado Setup Services Done in a Day

My Dubsado VIP day lasts up to 6 hours and is dedicated to setting up, automating, and streamlining your entire client onboarding process for up to 2 of your services in Dubsado so that you can secure clients and get paid quickly and easily without sacrificing your client's experience (or your sanity!). Want to learn more?

What others are saying...

Abby Lyn
Abby LynBusiness Coach & Mentor
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HIRE Kristi Bahgat! She’s my HERO and has helped me soooo much in my business. I was a hot mess express in my biz organization before she came in. She’s set up my Dubsado for me, tailoring it specifically to what my biz needs. Now I’m able to sit back and relax knowing my clients will get everything they need to onboard and schedule automatically.
Heather McReight
Heather McReightOwner & Instructor, Barre Where You Are
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Booking my 90 minute intensive with Kristi was one of the best decisions I've made for my business thus far! It was like one major brainstorming session, but not just with ideas, but how to actually structure, market, and implement them! Kristi has a special gift of being able to see your business from a 10,000 ft view, something that can be hard for business owners to do when they are working in the trenches! So much goodness packed in one session!!!

Have you ever told yourself that you'll do the chores around your house rather than hiring a housekeeper, only to find months later that you STILL haven't done those pesky chores?

I get it. I’m a mom too whose list is never ending. I know you’re left feeling frustrated because every day is a constant reminder of the work you still need to do around your house but that you don’t have the time or energy to get done.


The same happens in business. I know you’ve probably told yourself that you’ll just learn and setup Dubsado yourself or maybe have a team member learn how to do it (which will take them away from other competing priorities).

Don’t leave setting up your Dubsado account to yourself.  You’ve got enough to do and worry about. 

Let’s transform your overwhelming and time consuming client onboarding process into one that’s streamlined, automated, and organized so you can onboard your clients without the hassle and can get back to being a mom and serving your clients.

Are you ready to check “Learn and setup Dubsado” off of your list once and for all? 

Let’s do this!

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