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My # 1 Focus in Business for 2023

Can you believe that we are about to wrap up 2022 in just a few weeks? I know we all say this every time, but this year really has gone by so fast. I know many online business owners are taking the time to reflect on this year and set goals for 2023, myself included. Even though I'm 100% guilty of this, it seems kind of crazy to me that we wait until the new year is approaching to get hyped about[...]

How to organize your online business

As a business consultant for online entrepreneurs, I like to look at the whole picture of your business and then identify the gaps. Actually, that's kind of my superpower.  Sometimes we're too in the weeds of our businesses and too close to our offers to see what needs to be changed or fixed.  Not only do I want your business to be as organized, simple, streamlined, and automated as possible on[...]

How to prepare your online business for the new year

The end of the year is right around the corner and I know many online entrepreneurs are trying to prepare their online business for the new year and hustling to make it to the finish line. You're probably cranking out client work, rushing to get projects done on time, or cramming in all of your coaching calls so you can take some time off for the holidays. Make sure you're taking some time to w[...]

How to Prevent Burnout During the Holidays

Can you believe that the holidays are right around the corner? Actually, they're not right around the corner, they're here. They're already knocking on the door! I'm still trying to get over the fact that July 4th already came and went, amiright?! Considering we just bought and renovated a townhouse, the school year is well under way, and everything else that life and business throws our way, I[...]

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