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90 Minute Intensive

This 90 minute consultation is perfect for coaches or other online service providers who aren't ready for my monthly OBM support, but need help working through a specific problem or problems in their business. These 90 minutes are for anything you want to discuss as it relates to business organization, systems, processes, team management, and more! Ready to stop trying to search for your answers in Facebook groups or YouTube? Fill out my application by clicking the button below.

Dubsado Setup (Done in 1 Week!)

Is your onboarding process complicated, unprofessional, and time consuming? Are you using multiple systems & steps to onboard new clients? Your onboarding process is one of the first impressions your new client will have of the way you conduct business. What is yours saying about you? If you're ready to have a process that is automated and professional, click the button below to learn more and apply!

Monthly OBM Support

You scaled your business quickly, but without the proper tools, systems, or processes in place to keep your business organized and running efficiently. You want to free up time to focus on growing your business like the true CEO & visionary you are, and are ready to bring on a trusted business partner. That's where I come in. I help manage the day-to-day and behind the scenes of your business, including project & launch management, team management and everything in between. You know those ideas & to-dos that are constantly swirling around in your head? I take them from TO-DO to DONE. If you're ready to make more money in your business and a bigger impact in this world, fill out my application below.
Heather McReight
Heather McReightOwner & Instructor, Barre Where You Are
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"Booking my 90 minute intensive with Kristi was one of the best decisions I've made for my business thus far! It was like one major brainstorming session, but not just with ideas, but how to actually structure, market, and implement them! Kristi has a special gift of being able to see your business from a 10,000 ft view, something that can be hard for business owners to do when they are working in the trenches! So much goodness packed in one session!!!"
Maddie Hunt
Maddie HuntCEO, Soulshine Business Management Co.
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"Kristi has been an absolute life-saver in my business! Before I hired her, I was feeling frazzled, burnt out, and uninspired trying to work IN my business and ON my business at the same time. Since working together, Kristi has created new systems within my business, helps me manage my clients and my team, and has been my sounding board for new ideas (did I mention she also helps me implement all of those ideas with ease too?!). Having Kristi in my business has allowed me to find fulfillment in my work again and has given me more freedom in my day. She has given me my time and energy back-and for that I am eternally grateful. She helped turn this disorganized and stressed entrepreneur to an eager and abundant CEO. Kristi is diligent, self-sufficient, forward-thinking, and warm-hearted. I’d recommend her services to anyone and everyone. If you’re hesitant about investing in her, I pinky promise you will forget all hesitation once you see the incredible transformations she will create in your business. Take the leap! I am SO glad I did."

Meet the team!

Just like you don’t want to do all the things in your business, neither do I! I know the power behind having a team and the right support. As a former HR manager, I understand the importance of finding the right hire which is why I have a 3-step recruiting process in place for bringing people on my team. Each VA has been thoughtfully and thoroughly vetted so I know that mine and my client’s businesses are in good hands. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Bel - Copy, Content & Course Creator

I knew I needed Bel on my team from the minute I met her on IG! Not only is she a copywriting genius, but she's my go-to for all things business. She lives in New York City with her pup & boyfriend, loves red wine, and adding items to her shopping cart without checking out (who can relate?!).

Coming Soon! Systems & Tech VA

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