Monthly OBM Support


I take all of my clients through the same signature 3-step process so that we can start on the same page and set our work together up for success from the beginning.

Step 1: First, we identify the gaps in your business and what your current pain points are.

Step 2: From there, we decide which solutions, systems, and processes will help them lay a solid foundation in their business for sustainable growth and management. Then we implement them.

Step 3: Finally, we continue to work together to manage your business in a sustainable and strategic way that allows you to serve clients and scale with alignment.

This 3-step process allows me to dig deep into your business and create a custom plan that is tailored to you and your goals.


I work with a dedicated team of women to help me provide you with high-touch, 1:1 business support to bring you the best experience possible.

See what other clients are saying!

"Kristi has been an absolute life-saver in my business! Before I hired her, I was feeling frazzled, burnt out, and uninspired trying to work IN my business and ON my business at the same time. Since working together, Kristi has created new systems within my business, helps me manage my clients and my team, and has been my sounding board for new ideas (did I mention she also helps me implement all of those ideas with ease too?!). Having Kristi in my business has allowed me to find fulfillment in my work again and has given me more freedom in my day. She has given me my time and energy back-and for that I am eternally grateful. She helped turn this disorganized and stressed entrepreneur to an eager and abundant CEO. Kristi is diligent, self-sufficient, forward-thinking, and warm-hearted. I’d recommend her services to anyone and everyone. If you’re hesitant about investing in her, I pinky promise you will forget all hesitation once you see the incredible transformations she will create in your business. Take the leap! I am SO glad I did."
Maddie Hunt
OBM & VA Agency Owner
"Kristi is a rock-star. Not only is she incredibly efficient and knowledgeable but she has the same sense of urgency as I do about my business. I knew I could hand something to her and fully trust that it would be completed perfectly. She was able to jump in and help me when my business exploded and I’m so grateful for her, and plan on working with her for years to come."
Doreen Korba
Life & Business Coach
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