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Delegat To Create

How to determine what to outsource, who to hire, and how to delegate effectively so you can free your time and focus on what lights you up in your business. 


What you'll learn from this live virtual event

After this 3-day webinar, you’ll feel confident AF knowing exactly what you should outsource, who to hire (+how), and how to delegate effectively to give you the ultimate ROI: more time to focus on the parts of your life and business that light you up and create the biggest impact. 

DAY 1 breakdown

  • How to strategically and thoughtfully determine what to outsource
  • How to find the right fit for your business without the stress or doubt 

Day 2 breakdown

  • Managing and delegating effectively to make outsourcing “worth it.” 
When I had to hire for my department, I was always confident that Kristi was screening the best candidates to sit for interviews. She made my participation as the interviewer efficient and enjoyable. Kristi also provided valuable feedback and insight when discussing post interview strengths of each interviewee that helped us arrive at the best fit for our organization.
Joe A.
Accountant | Former Co-Worker

Your host

Kristi Bahgat


As a former HR manager turned online business consultant, Kristi understands the struggles and overwhelm when it comes to hiring the right people for your business. Outsourcing is often the necessary step needed in order for business owners to confidently step into their CEO role, but most importantly, have more time and freedom to make the bigger impact they desire, whether that’s at home with their babies or in their business with their clients. 

Kristi spent years in the restaurant industry recruiting and filling top management and corporate office positions, as well as implementing systems and processes that completely changed the way the multi-million dollar restaurant chain conducted business activities, saving both time and money. Now she’s helping online coaches and consultants do the same. 

As a business consultant, Kristi devotes her time teaching and empowering online coaching and consulting CEOs to reclaim their time, freedom, and impact both in their businesses and personal lives through the implementation of systems, tools, processes, and better organization practices.

Does this sound like you in your business?

Right now you’re…

  • Taking a lot of time and focus from actually coaching or serving clients
  • Tired and can’t show up how you really would if you had more help
  • Having to do everything yourself which is very time consuming
  • The bottleneck in your business and the one everything depends on
  • Slower on certain projects than you’d like to be
  • Finding that you don’t have enough time to get everything done 

But you want to feel…

  • Less tense and rushed to do things
  • Supported
  • Awesome, and that things would feel manageable
  • You have more time for your spouse, kids, family, and friends
  • Like you have a plan to accomplish your big vision, rather than it just staying being a distant dream 
  • More relaxed – hello afternoon Target trips & restorative naps! 
  • Like you have so much free time! – so you can finally tackle that at home project you’ve been dying to copy from Pinterest! 
  • That you have time to really work on things that light you up and to create programs and services that you know will help others

Here's What You Can Expect To Learn

  • Topic # 1: How to strategically and thoughtfully determine WHAT to outsource FIRST
  • Topic # 2: How to determine how many hours per month you need so you don’t worry about running out of tasks for your virtual assistant or new team member
  • Topic # 3: How to hire the best fit for your business with the same standards as you using a solid, repeatable hiring process 
  • Topic # 4: Discover what it takes to efficiently & effectively lead a team so that you don’t have to do a ton of “back seat” driving 
  • Topic # 5: How to effectively onboard your new team members & communicate your expectations
  • Topic # 6: How to let go of control so that you can relax knowing that it’s no longer just you taking care of tasks in your business
  • Topic # 7: Access my best tips & strategies to help you best plan for a virtual assistant if you’re not ready to hire RIGHT now 

Plus, I’ll even show you how to set up your project management tool so that you can efficiently and effectively delegate! 

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