Escape The Grind

A step-by-step guide to launching your freedom-fueled online service business

This step by step guide breaks down exactly how to pick a service, create an offer, and what online tools you need in order to create a simple and sustainable virtual assistant business so that you can live a life by design

Does this sound like you?

You're not alone

What if you could...

  • Save yourself hundreds of dollars & tons of time Googling by grabbing this ONE guide that teaches you exactly how to start your business
  • Quit your soul-sucking job and be your own boss
  • Make your own schedule and do whatever the hell you wanted, whenever!
  • Be the chaperone for your kids field trip without ever having to take PTO
  • Never be capped at a certain income level again (because the ceiling does not exist when you’re your own boss!)
  • Discover which of your skills to focus on that you can turn into profitable service
  • Know exactly how to package those skills into a money making offer
  • Know exactly which systems and tools you need to have in your business when you’re getting started so that you can have a simple and sustainable business
  • Understand what it takes to have a successful, long lasting business
  • Get a blueprint of exactly what to do , in what order, and know what you need to get your virtual assistant business started

…and do it all in just 14 days?!


What She Said


Before I was working with Kristi, I was overwhelmed because I had zero processes in place and didn’t have a way to keep all my business tasks in order. I knew if I wanted to see growth in my business in 2022, I had to get my crap together on the back end, or I would drown in admin work. Kristi helped me put systems in place that I had never heard of that made a world of a difference. I am confident after working with her that I have the foundation to build upon as my business grows. Also really appreciated being able to brain dump all my thoughts, concerns, and ideas and Kristi was able to get clear paths forward and recommendations.

Dezarai Shephard , Business Coach


Escape The Grind​

A step by step guide that breaks down exactly what to do and what tools you need in order to create a simple and sustainable virtual assistant business

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn in This Guide

In this guide I teach you how to  pick a service, design a money making offer, and exactly what tools you need for the beginning stages of your business in order to create a simple and sustainable virtual assistant business. It gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

Part 1

Getting Started

Part 2

Picking a Service & Designing an Offer

Part 3

Setting Up Your Business Foundations (AKA systems & tools)

In this section, we’ll cover which online tools you need to run an efficient, organized, and streamlined business for things like: 

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Keep your leads organized so you can quickly and easily follow up with your hottest leads 


What She Said


I’ve worked with Kristi Bahgat for a short time nonetheless her work has transformed my business workflow. Kristi’s experience and vast knowledge of implementing policy and procedures to streamline everything has helped me as a business owner and team leader rise up to continue to be creative director and leader for my staff. I honestly don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t hire Kristi and am beyond satisfied for all her contributions to the team.

Felicity Buddig, CEO of She Is You

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Follow the steps

Follow the steps in the guide and use the checklists to keep you on track towards your goal of getting your virtual assistant business up and running!

Start making money!

Once you have a service picked, an offer designed, and your systems and tools set up, you can start making some money from home!

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Kristi!


I was born and raised in good ol’ Delaware where I live with my 2 kids, husband, and black lab. In my free time, I like to pretend that I love to exercise, organize anything in arm’s reach, and read spicy fiction books by authors like Colleen Hoover and Lucy Score.

In 2019 I left my position as HR manager at a company I climbed the corporate ladder with for 15 years in order to start my own virtual assistant business. I just knew, in my gut, I was made for more and was tired of having to choose between making memories with my kids (like being able to attend school events without using up all of my PTO) and making money. I wanted to be able to do both on my own terms. 

When I first started, I remember feeling so overwhelmed by all of the information and strategies out there. Even though I was inspired by other women talking about how much money they were making in their businesses, I wasn’t sure it was possible for me, too. At least, I didn’t know how. Flash forward two years later and I made $100K in revenue in my business while working from home and in my pajamas 85% of the time. Now I teach other women, especially moms, how to create a simple and sustainable virtual assistant business so they too can create a life by design. 

Over the years, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and hours into learning and growing my business, and with this email course I’ve trimmed all the fat and am only give you exactly what you need to know and do in order to start your own successful business. 


You've got questions? We have answers!

Yes! In fact, the way this email course is designed is to give you all of the information and steps you need in an easy and digestible format so that you can take action without getting overwhelmed.

Likely less than 1 hour per day. 

Perfect! Whether you’re looking to make this your full time thing, or you just want to make some extra money to pay for vacations, sports, or shopping sprees, the steps to get there are the same 🙂 

If you follow these steps and believe in yourself, you have no other choice but to succeed. 

Even more of a reason to do it! We don’t grow inside of our comfort zones. Imagine what kind of life is on the other side of your fear 🙂

 In the first few days, I walk you through how to discover your marketable skills – even if you think you don’t have any!


It Only Takes 1 Payment & 1 Step To Get Started


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