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Save time (& your sanity) and start onboarding your clients with Dubsado automagically

Your client onboarding process is manual, annoying and time consuming, but you know there HAS to be a better and more automated way

Does this sound like you?

You want to be excited, but you know how much time & effort it takes you to onboard someone new.

Copying & pasting emails to send, editing the contract in a Word document, setting up an invoice to send…the list goes on and on.

As moms & business owners, we have enough on our minds – don’t let having to send an email be one of them.

You just spent all of this time doing something that drains your energy rather than work that a CEO should be doing.

When you’re balancing running a business & raising a family, where you spend your time & energy matters.

Imagine if you were able to...

Say what?! Yes, it’s true. That’s the beauty of having a system work for YOU instead of the other way around.

Like connecting with new clients and marketing your business.

Don’t give your new clients the opportunity to have “buyer’s remorse.” Send them everything they need quickly & efficiently so that they know what to expect next.

Watch the magic of Dubsado unfold in the video below

In this quick example, I’ll show you how you can send ONE email that will allow your client to choose from one of your packages or services, sign your contract, and pay your invoice by clicking ONE button.


VIP Dub(sado) Days

During your VIP Day we dedicate up to 6 hours setting up and streamlining your client onboarding process in Dubsado. Prior to your VIP Day, you'll complete an in-depth pre-work questionnaire that will help me gather the information I need to build out your workflow and make it a systematized and streamlined process. On the day of your VIP Day, we'll kick off with a call to go over your workflow and any last minute clarifying questions. The result? You'll walk away with a process that will allow you to start securing clients and getting paid quickly and easier without the headache and aggravation. The best part? It gets done in ONE day so you get results quickly.


My VIP Days are for online coaches or other online service providers who are piecemealing & manually completing their client onboarding process. They know Dubsado is the solution for them, but they don’t have the time, patience, or energy to learn how to set it up for themselves and they want or need results fast so they can save hours of admin work and use that time towards something more rewarding.

Up to 6 hours of work completely dedicated to setting up and streamlining your client onboarding process to ensure your clients experience an amazing and smooth onboarding process.

During my VIP Days, I use my systematized 4-E Framework to make sure all bases are covered for up to 2 of your services (ie. 1:1 coaching & 90 minutes intensives).

Plus, I sprinkle some surprises throughout the process to ensure YOU get a VIP experience.

Evaluate – This is where I make sure all of the system’s basic settings are complete and connected properly so that your system looks on brand & is able to function properly.

Elevate – This is the meat & potatoes of the system. This is where I add in all of the forms, schedulers, contracts, proposals and more so that you don’t have to send these things manually or recreate them each time. 

Execute – This is where the magic happens and where we set up the workflows in the system so important information can be sent without you having to think about it. 

Educate – This is the final stage of the VIP Day. We’ll hop on a call at the end of the day when your system is ready to review, and I’ll leave you with a SOP of your workflows so you know just what to do when onboarding new clients.

The investment starts at $3K and includes everything you need to get your workflow setup for up to 2 services. A la carte options are available if there are additional needs.

What's Included in a VIP Dub Day?

Basics & Settings

Setup of basic system settings so that your system is on brand and able to function properly.

Form Creation

Uploading all of your forms (ie. contracts, questionnaires, lead capture forms, etc.) needed to successfully book & onboard clients so that you don't have to send or create the same ones over and over again.


Adding in all of the emails needed to deliver your clients a seamless and thorough onboarding experience so that you don't have the retype them every time.

Portal Setup

Adding your branding to the client portal for a more cohesive client experience.


Setup of schedulers for easy booking & automated appointment reminders so you don't have to go back & forth in emails with clients.

Payments/ Packages

Setup of your packages and payments so you can easily send proposals & invoices to new clients so you can get paid & get started.

Workflow Strategy Call

We'll kick off your VIP day with a 60-90 minute strategy call to review your current process and identify any gaps in order to implement the best solutions and workflows.

Workflow Setup

The magic of Dubsado! Setup of workflows so you can easily move your clients from the application process through onboarding effortlessly.

Video Walk Thru

End of the day call to walk you thru your system so that you are comfortable & confident using Dubsado.

Workflow Testing

Once the setup is complete, we'll test your workflow to ensure everything is running smoothly for you and your clients.

VIP Day Bonuses

Process Documentation of Your Choice

I understand that not everyone learns the same. You'll be able to choose between a SOP in a Word doc OR a visual workflow flow chart of your new processes. Use these to share with anyone on your team or to refer to at a later time so you know what to do the next time you onboard a client.

Post Setup Slack Support

14 days of post setup Slack support to answer any questions that come up as you continue navigating your new system and onboarding clients.

Oh, by the way, there are surprises sprinkled throughout your VIP Day for you, too! Because, duh! What’s a VIP experience without a little special treatment?!

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Fill out the application. Once I review it, we’ll hop on a quick chat to make sure I’m a good fit for your business. 

Step 2

Once we’re ready to move forward you’ll receive your contract and invoice, then you’ll get my calendar to book your VIP day and get your pre-work questionnaire to complete.

Step 3

On the day of your VIP Day we’ll have a 60-90 minute kick-off call first thing in the morning and then I’ll get to work (and keep you in the loop along the way)!

What's the Timeline On A VIP Day?

48 Hours Prior

Your pre-work questionnaire must be submitted 48 hours prior to the start of your VIP Day. This is to ensure I have plenty of time to review what you’ve submitted and gather any questions or info I may need from you that I can get on our kick-off call.

10 AM ET

We’ll start your VIP Day with a a workflow strategy call so I can identify any gaps in your process, ask clarifying questions, and suggest improvements. This will also give us both an opportunity to ask any last minute questions. 


Quick check-in via Slack to give you an update on where I am in the process. If there are any questions I have throughout the day, I’ll send them via Voxer as well. 


Your VIP Day is complete! We’ll hop on another quick call to review everything that was setup in Dubsado, as well as show you how to use the system. This call will be recorded so you can reference it any time you need!

Ready to start onboarding your clients automatgically?

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