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VIP Dub(sado) Day

During your VIP Day we dedicate up to 6 hours setting up and streamlining your client onboarding process in Dubsado. Prior to your VIP Day, you'll complete an in-depth pre-work questionnaire that will help me gather the information I need to build out your workflow and make it a systematized and streamlined process. On the day of your VIP Day, we'll kick off with a call to go over your workflow and any last minute clarifying questions. The result? You'll walk away with a process that will allow you to start securing clients and getting paid quickly and easier without the headache and aggravation. The best part? It gets done in ONE day so you get results quickly.


My VIP Days are for online coaches or other online service providers who are piecemealing & manually completing their client onboarding process. They know Dubsado is the solution for them, but they don’t have the time, patience, or energy to learn how to set it up for themselves and they want or need results fast so they can save hours of admin work and use that time towards something more rewarding.

Up to 6 hours of work completely dedicated to setting up and streamlining your client onboarding process to ensure your clients experience an amazing and smooth onboarding process.

During my VIP Days, I use my systematized 4-E Framework to make sure all bases are covered for up to 2 of your services (ie. 1:1 coaching & 90 minutes intensives).

Plus, I sprinkle some surprises throughout the process to ensure YOU get a VIP experience.

Evaluate – This is where I make sure all of the system’s basic settings are complete and connected properly so that your system looks on brand & is able to function properly.

Elevate – This is the meat & potatoes of the system. This is where I add in all of the forms, schedulers, contracts, proposals and more so that you don’t have to send these things manually or recreate them each time. 

Execute – This is where the magic happens and where we set up the workflows in the system so important information can be sent without you having to think about it. 

Educate – This is the final stage of the VIP Day. We’ll hop on a call at the end of the day when your system is ready to review, and I’ll leave you with a SOP of your workflows so you know just what to do when onboarding new clients.

The investment starts at $3K and includes everything you need to get your workflow setup for up to 2 services. A la carte options are available if there are additional needs.

60 Minute Consultation

Online coaches & other service providers who are looking for advice or answers to their burning questions as it relates to systems, processes, and ways to better organize their business. 

A 60 minute 1:1 consultation is dedicated to you to discuss issues in your business as it relates to systems, processes, & better business organization. Want to know how Dubsado could work for your business, or how to better organize your to-dos? Let’s chat.

Fill out the application by clicking the button below. I like to review all applications before booking a consultation to make sure I’m the right fit for your needs!

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