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Rachel Hollis

About Me

Hi! I’m Kristi – your new business partner 😉 
In October 2019, I left my job as HR manager where I had a good reputation, guaranteed salary, and health insurance for my family. 
Why? Because I knew that I was made for more, and that my fear of failing was far less than my fear of staying the same. 
I’ve always loved creating efficiencies, organizing, being creative, and helping people.  So, I thought why not turn my passions into my purpose and start a business where I could help other ambitious female entrepreneurs, just like you
The road here hasn’t been easy, but believing enough in my self to do something great has been worth it. 
As a busy mom of two, I’ve learned to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life.  I love when my kids go to bed (I love them, I really do),  a good cup of coffee, yoga pants, and açaí bowls.

I’m also a sucker for a good motivational quote, podcast or book, and all things Rachel Hollis.


I spent 16 years climbing the corporate ladder of a restaurant chain. 

I started as a sales associate working in customer service, then moved onto office manager, executive assistant, and then eventually became the HR manager. 

My career path there gave me a unique perspective when it comes to operating a business. 

I understand the resources, time, and effort it takes to run a successful business, and what happens when those things aren’t in place.

I am an organization and systems Queen.  I don’t take inefficient and complicated processes as an answer. Over the years I spent there, I had the opportunity to improve and implement many company processes and policies that helped shape the way they did business, and set up practices that kept them organized and operating efficiently.  

I can do that for you, too.  

So, what are you waiting for?

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